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How Helpshift built a marketing engine to rocket past $5M ARR and raise their $20M Series B.


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The Nitty Gritty

Matter Made kicked things off by establishing a content marketing strategy in alignment with Helpshift's buyer persona's. This was then used to rework their website and help attract and convert high intent buyers. Prior to handoff we set their team up with a strategy to guide them through a successful transition to Account Based Marketing. ‍‍In alignment with our starting goals, Helpshift was able to raise their Series B and attract their now growth stage marketing leader who previously served as the CMO at T-Mobile. Mission accomplished!

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Client Summary

Helpshift bridges the disconnect between conventional customer service channels like email and phone support and a growing consumer base that lives in a mobile-first, messaging-based world. Matter Made was brought in by the CEO and VP of Sales to help coach their marketing team from a seed level of sophistication through to their Series B.

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