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How Matter Made Helped Mission Bio 8x their Qualified Sales Pipeline in 6 Months.


Qualified Lead Growth
“Over the past 6 months Matter Made has been a key strategic lever in helping support our rapid growth here at Mission Bio. Their marketing initiatives have helped build awareness for the Tapestri platform and have allowed my sales team to have more high-quality conversations with our target accounts.” - Chief Commercial Officer at Mission Bio


The Nitty Gritty

Mission Bio is a Series B backed biotech company that has created a life-saving single cell genomics cancer research tool and software. It is an organization with an impressive $50m in funds and some of the world’s brightest minds in science, but when it came to getting the word out about their innovations, they wanted to pick up the pace. Although Mission Bio already had an internal marketing team and several external advertising agencies in place, their message wasn’t yet reaching enough key decision makers in their target accounts. Mission Bio had already created the ground-breaking technology to help researchers and clinicians develop more precise cancer therapies and detect diseased cells before they could become a major threat — but if they couldn’t get the technology in the hands of their target accounts, their mission would be lost. Matter Made was brought in to support overall marketing strategy, promotion, and the tactical execution of nine field events and two product launches over two quarters. Working closely with the internal marketing team, sales leadership, and their several disparate external agencies, Matter Made got everyone on the same page. It began with a multi-agency workshop to make sure all digital messaging was strategic and consistent, and that Demand Generation best practices were implemented across all channels. Additionally, Matter Made helped to re-architect the way leads move through Mission Bio’s website, ensuring the funnel was more efficient and effective from top to bottom. Acting as a strategic coaching partner, Matter Made supported the Public Relations team on communications initiatives and coached the Web Development and Paid Media agencies on how to get better results from key initiatives. All of that work was critical to Mission Bio’s success, but an important piece was still missing. To better measure and analyze the success of everyone’s efforts, the Matter Made team created a custom portfolio of Executive Dashboards. These gave the entire executive team at Mission Bio real time visibility into marketing initiatives, allowing them to see which specific activities were driving the most growth. The micro and macro views of Matter Made’s efforts gave the science-minded team a more holistic understanding of where to focus marketing time and funds for the biggest ROI. Matter Made’s coaching and strategic support helped Mission Bio’s marketing team function more like the well-oiled machine of an established corporation, without taking years to get there. As a result, Mission Bio reached more qualified leads and ultimately, generated $33M in its sales pipeline, an 806% increase over the previous year. The best part? More researchers and clinicians now have access to Mission Bio’s ground breaking technology suite which will help them in their life-saving work. The bottom line: Matter Made helped Mission Bio see results and growth now — because finding the cure for cancer can’t wait.

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Mission Bio is a company of passionate people dedicated to solving complex biological problems with precision engineering, innovative biochemistry, and supported bioinformatics.

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