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How SV Academy reimagined EdTech and partnered with Matter Made to grow through their Series A.


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Matter Made kicked things off with a thorough gap analysis and prioritization of growth and content initiatives across both sides of SV Academy’s two sided marketplace. Helping to define and create content driven campaigns around the unique needs of the student (supply side) as well as the hiring corporations (demand side), Matter Made was able to help quickly create a wave of internal momentum. Additionally, Matter Made partnered with SV Academy’s PR Agency (VSC) and PPC Agency (Klik Media) while simultaneously coaching their talented internal marketing team of three to administer an integrated growth effort across all channels.
SV Academy CEO, Rahim Fazal

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Founded by seasoned entrepreneurs Rahim Fazal (sold Involver to Oracle in 2012), and Joel Scott (former COO at Hewlett-Packard), SV Academy is reimagining traditional routes to education and hiring. Through an intensive tuition-free training program, SV Academy democratizes access to high-impact education, giving diverse talent a direct pipeline to well-paying sales positions in the tech sector. On the recommendation of an investor and company advisor, Matter Made was brought in by the founders to help prepare the marketing org for their next stage of growth and accelerate their timeline to a Series A.

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