Matter Made

Vela partnered with Matter Made to establish their foundational marketing and unlock their next level of growth.



Through an on-going engagement, Matter Made is leading multiple cross-functional initiatives within the business.

The Nitty Gritty

In preparation for a major launch, Vela brought in Matter Made to get their marketing in order. Vela has seen enormous adoption of their eCommerce tooling for Etsy and Shopify. Their next challenge: grow user base even further, engage with existing users, and optimize conversion points throughout the their funnel. Matter Made was brought in at the recommendation of the board to develop go-to-market strategies and programs to help the business triple their user base in 8 months.

Before & After

Client Summary

Vela gives you the tools to manage and grow your business like never before, save hours of time bulk editing your listings and focus on what’s most important, manage your business, across multiple sales channels, through one platform, set up a sale in seconds, grab a coffee and sit back while the orders roll in, and perfect your photos in just a few clicks and let your products shine.

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