Is outsourcing your marketing worth it?

At critical growth stages when trying to scale both your revenue and internal operations, you're faced with this question: outsource to an agency or expand your in-house team? We're going to break down cost and benefit considerations for both.

Sure, we’re biased. We’re an agency.

But facts are facts, so here it is - take a look and decide for yourself!

The cost of an in-house team

Having in-house people dedicated to your brand 100% of the time comes with its perks. But does that outweigh the cost of hiring them?

Let’s calculate.

Hire In-House


Monthly Expense

Here is who you would need to hire to match what you get from an agency:
Head of Growth / Marketing / Demand Gen
$12,000 - $18,000
Digital Marketing Manager
$6,250 - $8000
Performance Marketing Manager
$6,250 - $8000
Creative Designer
$5,000 - $7,000
Project Manager
$6,000 - $7,500
Marketing Operations Manager
$6,250 - $8,000

Extra Overhead

Then, there’s the additional overhead per employee per year:
Employee benefits
Retirement plans
Healthcare coverage
$7,500 - $10,000
Workstations (computer, screen, accessories, office stipend)
General operation systems (software, system user seats, etc.)
$1,750 - $3,000
Recruiting systems & overhead
Onboarding programs & processes
$500 - $1,750

Skill/Experience Premium

Agency team members come with 3-8 years more experience than what you could hire in-house at the salaries noted above.
15% salary premium across the roles for skill and expertise of agency team levels.
$7,500 - $10,000

Technology & Systems

In addition to people, there is added tech needed to execute modern, high-level demand and marketing programs you’d have to adopt in-house that an agency would otherwise own.
Software and other systems
$1,000 - $2,500
15% salary premium across the roles for skill and expertise of agency team levels.
$150 - $500

In total, you could be looking at
$85,000 /month
(or over $1M per year) to hire, maintain, and support a full and skilled demand generation team in-house.

The cost & benefit of an agency

Outsourcing your demand and growth functions will cost you a FRACTION of that in-house total.

And you get so much more in addition to that - all with proven success.

What Extras You Get

What You Don’t Have to Deal With

  • All the above mentioned roles
  • Deeper subject matter expertise
  • Proven formulas, programs and success in companies like yours
  • Explicit experience and success in your exact growth stage
  • Greater up-to-date practices, insights and connections to market trends and demands
  • More testing and existing metrics on what works and how
  • Expedited turnaround on tactics and the most effective strategy
  • No employee overhead
  • No HR ongoing management requirements
  • No employee on-ramp or skill development time/delays
  • No employee hardware or software costs and maintenance
  • No cost or operational impact of employe churnover
  • The cost, management and tracking of extra demand specific tech and software

The ROI on hiring an agency for demand and growth scalability is pretty clear.

Let’s connect, review your revenue goals, and assess how we can do this for you.

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Your head of growth today is NOT your VP of marketing tomorrow

One of the most costly mistakes a business makes when in high growth is assuming these roles are the same.

Hiring wrong for this in-house costs companies a LOT of time, money, and missed revenue potential.

This usually happens one of two ways:

You hire a Head of Growth now

You hire a VP of Marketing now

Your company gains initial growth,
They seem great for the next stage of your company,
this person doesn’t match your next stage. You end up churning a critical leadership role as you move into higher growth.
they attempt to roll out strategies, tech, and operations that are not flexible for growth NOW and delay progress.

Your best decision to make here?

Outsource your demand and growth leader and execution team at this critical growth stage now.

Hire in-house long-term employees after you’ve achieved scalable, efficient growth and you enter the next stage later.

Outsourcing for growth now, and hiring for management later just makes sense.

Let’s connect, review your revenue goals, and assess how we can step in and achieve scalable growth.

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One size does NOT fit all

While there are formulas, best practices, techniques and tactics that can be repeatable within the world of growth marketing and demand generation, a good agency knows it’s NOT one size fits all.

We know how to take best-in-class, modern marketing programs and tailor them to your...

  • Specific product offering and structure

  • Target industries and ideal customers

  • Unique value propositions and top drivers

  • Most suited audience channels

  • Greatest points of engagement

  • Best levers for demand acceleration

Time to accelerate growth and hit those revenue goals.

Our team of B2B marketing veterans are here to extend the bandwidth of your in-house team and help you drive greater, sustainable, and more efficient growth. So let’s get to it.

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