Getting from $10M-$20M: Justin Gray shares applicable lessons learned driving high performance growth.

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Episode Outline

[04:39] Justin’s background

[07:16] Repeatable revenue engine and a marketing automation

[10:13] Reason these companies were failing, had more to do with people and the behaviors of the people

[11:18] Realize that affiliation with a company who's been successful in that industry

[12:04] Hiring and supporting and developing and growing other humans

[14:34] If you think about things from a red, yellow, green perspective, you put people in a stoplight bucket

[16:35] Best fit based on their characteristics and attributes because the majority of the Academy students are adult learners. The true character of a person is not how you act in this life, but how you react.

[17:04] Systems that you put in place on a more tactical level to back into having that as a cultural.

[19:22] Ways that you're actually measuring the impact on their organization to better to define product market fit,

[20:19] How to measure metrics for north star of things like NPS

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Craig Rosenberg

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