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Attorney turned sales executive, David Cain shares insights on thinking strategically about your customer base

Episode Outline

[04:39] David’s background

[07:16] Why he decided to focus on sales and then to become a sales manager and help with strategy at a management level

[10:13] How to wrap up with analytics as broad topics that might be the most productive

[11:18] The way having a strategy of some kind is really important, even if it fails to understand that it did fail and why failed and that you need to move somewhere else is really important

[12:04] Ask yourself, are you focusing on a certain industry and emphasizing a certain value proposition?

[14:34] What to focus on when thinking strategically about your customer base and the first customers

[16:35] On developing your strategy based on what you're seeing

[19:22] Frustration around pricing because it's such a key to either unlocking sales or blocking sales and the same goes for how marketing can help support.

[20:19] So many founders think they've got it but sometimes the right thing to do is actually to ask quite a bit more for what you're selling.

[24:30] People are totally willing to be honest, especially if your products adding a lot of value.

David's inspirations:

Jared Hansen

Christy Serrato

Nikhil Jhingan

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode outline

[01:18] Kirti’s background

[01:45] How Kirti developed work-life balance

[06:13] What Kirti learned from her consulting career and how she uses these lessons today

[10:35] Good habits that will positively impact your work

[12:32] How others respond to Kirti’s views on work-life balance

[13:13] 3 of Bugnsag’s best campaigns during the last 12 months and 3 that Kirti is excited about in the future

[17:22] How Bugsnag pivoted to online events and how successful they have been

[20:10] Kirti’s influences

Kirti’s Inspirations

Forward Thinking Founders Podcast

Connect with Kirti



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