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Chris Combs of LinkSquares on the importance of getting the right people in the right seats

In this episode, Elias Rubel is joined by Chris Combs. As SVP of Business Development, Chris is responsible for managing strategic partnerships and corporate relationships across the company.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple companies from concept. He brings a unique perspective on how to build and take products to market, while developing strategic relationships across prospects, customers, and partners.

Episode Outline

[04:39] Chris’s background

[07:16] What is takes to find product market fit

[10:13] What he learned was what success looked like

[11:18] Blueprint for entire future executive to impact

[12:04] Thinking about how a startup would scale

[14:34] Habits to be great at crossing the chasm

[16:35] Refuse to sort of sit and pontificate over like products and product

[17:04] How to find the right people and getting them in the right seats

[19:22] What was hugely valuable and formative for him

Chris' Inspirations

Advisory team at DraftKings and Carbonite

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Podcast Outline

[00:48] Walter’s background

[04:16] Common themes and mistakes Walter notices among founding teams when he starts working with them

[05:40] What do First Principles mean in the context of sales?

[07:30] How to apply an engineering mindset to sales, compassion, and truth

[09:58] Becoming a better salesperson: The 3 W’s (Steve Browne)

[15:10] Usually the biggest obstacle is oneself

[23:36] How Walter unwinds

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