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Growing Unicorns Episode 09 with Palmer Houchins, VP of Brand Marketing at G2

Growing Unicorns



Demand Generation


In this conversation with Bennet Bayer, CMO of CTD Solutions Group, he talks about marketing and growth. Hear about Bennet’s journey through his many roles, what the first 90 days look like for a CMO, the role of a CMO in a company, doing schmooze marketing, some of the challenges Bennet has faced, and get Bennet’s advice to aspiring CMO’s.

Episode Outline

[00:37] Introducing Bennet

[01:57] Joining Huawei

[04:17] Global CMO versus US CMO

[06:36] CMO at Huawei

[08:50] The first 90 days as a CMO

[13:08] What should a CMO be?

[15:24] What is a CMO’s job?

[20:10] The changing role of the CMO

[23:53] Schmooze marketing

[28:12] The most common challenges at turnaround companies

[30:08] Problems that you can’t solve

[32:35] Learning to scale massive companies

[36:04] Bennet’s advice to aspiring CMO’s

[39:31] “Marketing doesn’t get involved”

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