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Kirti Dewan, VP of Marketing at BugSnag on the most successful campaigns this year and pivoting to online events

Episode outline

[01:18] Kirti’s background

[01:45] How Kirti developed work-life balance

[06:13] What Kirti learned from her consulting career and how she uses these lessons today

[10:35] Good habits that will positively impact your work

[12:32] How others respond to Kirti’s views on work-life balance

[13:13] 3 of Bugnsag’s best campaigns during the last 12 months and 3 that Kirti is excited about in the future

[17:22] How Bugsnag pivoted to online events and how successful they have been

[20:10] Kirti’s influences

Kirti’s Inspirations

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode Timeline:

1:07 What’s top of mind for Dayna today?

2:59 Has Dayna had to adapt her leadership style through this?

3:58 Significant changes that Dayna had to make

4:37 How Dayna keep the same connected with Zoom fatigue being a thing right now

8:13 How Dayna’s leadership style has changed as she moved or work through different sizes/ Learnings and strategies that Dayna rolls out

14:33 Dayna’s favorite campaigns

18:43 Stories that don’t go as Dayna envisioned but she learned something to be able to be better next time

24:18 What does Dayna do to keep her mind calm and be able to be clear and be effective

25:34 Mentor or Peer who has influenced Dayna

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