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North Star Goals from the Growth Playbook with Adam Goyette, Help Scout

In this conversation with Adam Goyette, Marketing Leader at Help Scout, he talks about product, marketing, and growth. Today, you’ll hear about the key hires that Adam considers for a new team, how he structures his teams, his perspective as a growth leader versus as a marketing leader, advocating for something less measurable (such as content), choosing where to allocate resources, important lessons Adam has learned, and his thoughts on product growth versus marketing growth.

For almost 20 years, Adam has served in various marketing roles, including as the VP of Demand Generation at G2. Currently, Adam serves as the VP of Marketing at Help Scout, as well as Marketing Advisor at both TestBox and Rocketium. Adam holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Maine.

Episode Outline

[00:23] About Adam

[01:01] Adam’s perspective as a growth leader vs as a marketing leader

[02:19] Key team hires

[03:32] Advocating for something less measurable

[06:50] Allocating and prioritizing resources

[13:29] Lessons Adam has learned

[17:37] Structuring the marketing team

[20:45] Thinking about product growth vs marketing growth

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