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Prolific entrepreneur and investor, Arjun Sethi on overcoming the challenges of scale

In this episode, Elias Rubel is joined by Arjun Sethi, co-founder at Tribe. Tribe Capital is a venture capital firm launched by a trio of former Social Capital. Some of their previous select investments include Digital Currency Group, Intercom, Slack, Relativity, Carta, Cover, Invenia, Front, Cloud Kitchens and many more. He is an entrepreneur who learns and adapts quickly. In this episode he shares lessons learned along the way.

Episode Outline

[04:39] Arjun’s background

[07:16] How grew up here in the Valley and a lot of my family was coming from all over the world

[10:13] How to judge whether it is math question vs communications question

[12:04] The journey into the SaaS business

[16:34] The process of seizing fabulous opportunity right now

[16:35] You only need to have a hundred customers and then you can scale something

[19:22] The challenge of scaling your first company

[27:04] Starting a company is hard. Finding the customers to pay you as hard

[30:18] His thoughts on the evolution of tech

Arjun's Inspirations:

Ryan Breslow

Marc Andreessen

Peter Thiel

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Episode outline

[01:09] Matt Singer’s background

[02:12] What it was like for Matt to transition to marketing to government and what makes it exciting

[04:44] How Matt responds to change and the importance of building and tracking brand awareness

[09:03] What it’s like to get to work with such prominent board members and some questions that have come up in meetings with the board

[11:10] The biggest new opportunities Matt sees for himself and his business over the next year

[14:04] The unique complexities involved in the sales cycle working with selling to governments

[18:00] Matt’s vision for his next couple of years and what success looks like for Matt at this point in his career

[20:40] What Matt likes to do outside of work

[21:46] Matt’s inspirational people

Matt’s Inspirations

Kara Wilson

Doug Dennerline

Daniel Finnigan

David Cain

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