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4x IPOs as CMO and countless Board Seats later, Carol Meyers digs into her secret sauce for sustainable growth

Episode Outline

[04:39] Carol’s background

[07:16] Why people have to make trade offs with what they have available and also what's available in their neighborhoods

[10:13] How to wrap up with analytics as broad topics that might be the most productive

[11:18] The hardest lesson learned in your career thus far

[12:04] When you're small, usually marketing just kind of does whatever it wants

[14:34] Discount marketing and getting disillusioned

[16:35] Who's building their career and perhaps about to enter a big growth stage with the company

[19:22] It’s little easier to go from, serving smaller companies up to larger, as long as you do it with your eyes wide open about what that means

[20:19] Taking a product that's built for really large companies and trying to retrofit it to smaller companies is not easy.

[21:30] How you can assemble a team that has the right qualities

Carol's Inspirations:

Woody Benson

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Podcast Outline

[01:38] Mike’s background

[04:55] The secret sauce that many leaders of Fortune 500 companies don’t know about

[06:20] The one percenter mentality that takes companies to the next level

[08:00] The qualities and mindset of successful leaders

[09:27] Successful leaders understand the 3 elements: Mindset, language, and patterns

[10:35] Marketing leaders vs sales leaders

[11:00] What the most effective leaders across all niches have in common

[11:45] The relationship between mindset and strategy

[15:27] What you have to determine before you can talk strategy

[16:30] The two most important elements leaders should have

Mike’s Inspirations

Tony Robbins

Dan Lier

Chip Merlin

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