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Aditya Vempaty of Synthego on retention as a marketing-driven metric and a focus on customers instead of product

Podcast outline

[01:35] Aditya’s background

[03:20] What consumers care about more than your product

[05:35] Why companies need to identify the problems prospective customers are trying to solve

[08:45] Why retention is more important than acquisition

[10:48] The biggest lesson Aditya has learned in his career

[12:00] How Aditya builds trust with consumers through “problem marketing”

[13:35] Why building community is important and how Aditya builds community 

[14:24] What it was like for Aditya to go from a SaaS product to biotechnology

[16:31] How Youtube will be leveraged more in a B2B perspective

Aditya’s Inspirations

Tiffany To 

Brian Balfour 

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Episode Outline

[00:23] Johanna’s background

[03:10] The perfect plan that had to change

[04:36] Building conviction quickly while testing

[05:44] Organizing a globally-distributed team for success

[06:46] Approaching the bigger picture

[13:45] Solidifying a plan and budget for 2021 with all the unknowns

[16:35] How has Johanna adapted her leadership style to empower teams through these times?

[18:11] Mentors and inspiring people

[19:31] How does Johanna unwind?

Johanna’s Inspirations

Erik Fjellborg

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