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After years in the making, former HubSpot CRO, Mark Roberge unveils his new paradigm for product-market fit and the ebook to get you there

In this episode, Elias Rubel is joined by Mark Roberge of Hubspot who shares his experience at HubSpot, steps he used to achieve product-market fit, lead indicators of retention, and lessons from managing and onboarding people.

Episode OutlineEpisode Outline

[02:39] Mark’s experience in the HubSpot team

[07:16] Steps he used to achieve product-market fit

[11:13] Lead indicator of retention

[12:04] Steps in identifying leader and getting the economics right

[14:34] The process of getting prospects through the funnel

[16:35] Lessons from managing and onboarding people

[19:22] The importance of getting data through customer cohorts

Mark’s Inspirations:

John McMahon

David Skok

Brian Halligan

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Episode Outline

[02:10] Most important lessons Rob has brought to GoFormz from former companies

[04:00] How Rob motivates people and the challenges that come with motivating others

[07:25] How Rob has been driving growth at GoFormz

[11:53] Examples of sales advice Rob has given to help companies grow

[17:50] The importance of understanding your customer base

[20:08] Rob’s personal professional goals

[21:30] How Rob unwinds

Rob’s Inspirations

Mark Bickerstaffe

Bobby Napiltonia

Marc Benioff

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