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Alex Bilmes [VP of Growth at Puppet] reflects on the growth that led to his first exit.

Podcast outline

[01:09] Alex’s background

[02:42] What Alex does in his role as VP of Growth at Puppet

[03:57] Lessons Alex has learned through his former positions that have influenced what he does at Puppet today

[06:03] Focus on product market fit before instrumenting telemetry and funnels

[07:00] How to know when you’ve over indexed and need to course correct

[08:23] Time with customers is important in the early stages

[13:22] Pros and cons to being somewhere small and being somewhere larger

[16:44] Why it’s important to know what you want and why

[19:00] How Alex unwinds

Alex’s Inspirations

Dave Hesch

Yvonne Wassenaar

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


In this conversation with Andrew Hahn, Advisor at Savor Lining, he talks about growth, marketing, and sales. Hear about Andrew’s thoughts on the marriage of sales and marketing, his sales methodology, the most common cracks in sales, and failures that lead to growth.

Episode Outline

[01:03] Introducing Andrew

[03:50] MQL’s are bullsh*t

[05:40] Andrew’s sales methodology

[08:10] Cracks in sales

[11:19] “People don’t buy from people they like”

[14:54] A failure that led to a moment of great growth

[17:53] How does Andrew keep his energy levels high?

[19:43] Andrew’s mentors

Andrew’s Mentors

His dad

His wife

LeBron James

Kobe Bryant

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LinkedIn (Matter Made)

LinkedIn (Elias Rubel, CEO, Matter Made)

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