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What’s it like reporting to a board with Marc Andreessen and John Chambers in a board room? In this episode with Matt Singer, CMO at OpenGov, we talk about marketing GovTech, and the evolving revenue landscape post-covid.

Episode outline

[01:09] Matt Singer’s background

[02:12] What it was like for Matt to transition to marketing to government and what makes it exciting

[04:44] How Matt responds to change and the importance of building and tracking brand awareness

[09:03] What it’s like to get to work with such prominent board members and some questions that have come up in meetings with the board

[11:10] The biggest new opportunities Matt sees for himself and his business over the next year

[14:04] The unique complexities involved in the sales cycle working with selling to governments

[18:00] Matt’s vision for his next couple of years and what success looks like for Matt at this point in his career

[20:40] What Matt likes to do outside of work

[21:46] Matt’s inspirational people

Matt’s Inspirations

Kara Wilson

Doug Dennerline

Daniel Finnigan

David Cain

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode Outline

[01:22] The importance of manufacturing your own luck

[07:25] How leaders can ramp and grow teams

[12:25] The state of LATAM for Hubspot today

[14:50] How companies can expand into emerging markets and what mistakes to avoid

[24:05] Paul’s inspirations

Paul’s Inspirations

Brian Halligan

Mark Roberge

Peter Caputa

Jeetu Mahtani

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