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Alok Nandan of Emergent Ventures on the importance of identifying buyer pain in B2B SaaS

In this episode, Elias Rubel is joined by Alok Nandan, General Partner at Emergent Ventures founding partner at Akra Venture Labs, a fundraising pitch tool for Founders. Alok shares his thoughts on giving VCs a more complete picture of your company, getting the meeting, and making it count.

Episode Outline

[04:39] How Salesforce is applying AI and data science in their products

[07:16] Alok’s journey into independent consulting and helping early-stage founders

[11:13] How to bet on founders and help them succeed

[12:04] Steps in domain expertise and identify the pain point of the buyer

[14:34] The process of getting prospects through the funnel

[16:35] Lessons from the school of hard knocks

[19:22] The importance of a peer group of folks who are on a similar journey

Alok’s Inspirations:

Ankur Jain

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Podcast outline

[01:35] Aditya’s background

[03:20] What consumers care about more than your product

[05:35] Why companies need to identify the problems prospective customers are trying to solve

[08:45] Why retention is more important than acquisition

[10:48] The biggest lesson Aditya has learned in his career

[12:00] How Aditya builds trust with consumers through “problem marketing”

[13:35] Why building community is important and how Aditya builds community 

[14:24] What it was like for Aditya to go from a SaaS product to biotechnology

[16:31] How Youtube will be leveraged more in a B2B perspective

Aditya’s Inspirations

Tiffany To 

Brian Balfour 

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