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Co-founder and Partner of PeakSpan Capital, Matt Melymuka on patterns of success growth and failures

Episode Outline:

2:11 PeakSpan’s product market fit definition

3:50 Patterns of success growth and failures, on Matt’s perspective

7:50 Preferred industries based on how things play out

13:50 Talks about the whitespaces in tech or sales that is yet to see a company enter

16:33 Influences that helped shape Matt’s path and continue to inspire

18:52 Matt’s extracurricular activities

Matt’s Inspirations:

His wife

The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode Outline

[04:39] Sean’s background

[07:16] Operational issues and then the other one had to do with just the fundamental shift

[10:13] Reason these companies were failing, had more to do with people and the behaviors of the people

[11:18] Realize that affiliation with a company who's been successful in that industry

[12:04] Hiring and supporting and developing and growing other humans

[14:34] If you think about things from a red, yellow, green perspective, you put people in a stoplight bucket

[16:35] Best fit based on their characteristics and attributes because the majority of the Academy students are adult learners. The true character of a person is not how you act in this life, but how you react.

[17:04] If you don't like something, you already know it. It's probably not going to continue to enjoy it.

[19:22] There's social responsibility, corporate responsibility, environmental responsibility, and personal responsibility.

[20:19] Starting over with the concept of what problems do my customers have right now that can really solve, and growth mindset is going to be more important.

Sean's Inspirations:

His father

His wife

Will Bunker

Connect with Sean:



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