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Co-founder and Partner of PeakSpan Capital, Matt Melymuka on patterns of success growth and failures

Episode Outline:

2:11 PeakSpan’s product market fit definition

3:50 Patterns of success growth and failures, on Matt’s perspective

7:50 Preferred industries based on how things play out

13:50 Talks about the whitespaces in tech or sales that is yet to see a company enter

16:33 Influences that helped shape Matt’s path and continue to inspire

18:52 Matt’s extracurricular activities

Matt’s Inspirations:

His wife

The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode Outline

[04:39] Adam’s background

[07:16] His journey from minoring in advertising company to ending up in a company like G2

[10:13] How we learn best by getting our hands dirty

[11:18] The way his company helps in cutting through the noise of what marketers get all the time

[12:04] The culture in G2, where people leaving reviews or you're getting traffic to your profile or there's traffic to the category and people are comparing you against one of your competitors

[14:34] HelpScout is really trying to build a smart, sophisticated platform that helps helps customers and end users

[16:35] Advice to personalize mass amounts of emails to show like their own buyer intent data and emailed it directly

[17:04] The art of Facebook campaigns and how to optimize for it

[19:22] Practical way of being smart about the growth

[20:19] How to capitalize on new trends and marketing tactics

Adam's Inspirations

Godard Abel

Mike Conti

Connect with Adam



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