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Evan Kohn on dialing the Inbound & Outbound growth mix at Pypestream

Episode Outline

[00:49] Evan’s background

[02:16] How Evan went from teaching to DOD consulting to SaaS startup

[05:34] How Pypestream stands out and proves what conversational AI can achieve to large enterprises

[11:19] The role of Chief Business Officer

[12:18] The biggest challenge Pypestream is facing this year

[15:15] Lessons Evan has learned on the way to where Pypestream is today

[17:51] Pypestream’s most and least successful campaigns

[22:30] How Evan unwinds

Evan’s Inspirations

Adrian Swinscoe

Helen Yu

Lucas Watson

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Episode outline

[00:40] How Michael went from 200K to 6M in ARR at Namely

[03:26] The most challenging aspect of Michael’s first 6 months at Namely

[04:55] The most important actions to take in developing a pricing strategy

[07:54] The moment when Namely’s revenue motion and ICP fell into place

[09:30] What Michael learned from the impressive board he worked with at Namely

[11:24] Preconceptions Michael had and what he learned after experience

[15:14] What got Michael excited about working with Orculus

[16:58] Michael’s professional goals for the next 12 months

[19:00] How Michael unplugs and recharges

Michael’s Inspirations

Scott Scherr

Mitchell Dauerman

Mark Roberge

Carl Eschenbach

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