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Greg Strickland on how to be a good human, while hyper scaling in SaaS

Episode Outline

[01:04] How Greg got to where he is today

[03:20] The CEO whisperer

[05:51] Pivotal career moments

[08:26] Recurring themes

[11:25] Why some companies fail to implement

[13:50] Greg’s frequent rants

[17:09] Greg’s advice

[20:10] How does Greg unwind?

[21:44] Mentors and inspiring people

Greg’s Inspirations

Greg’s dad and wife

Everyone he’s ever worked with

Michael Butler

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Episode Outline

[00:59] Failures that helped shape Brett’s success at Anagram

[03:13] What led to Brett founding Anagram

[06:00] When Brett realized he had product market fit and could begin to scale the business

[07:42] Subsequent steps after realizing they had a product that could sell

[10:10] What Brett would have done differently

[11:55] The importance of building out a referral network and advisory board

[13:50] Brett’s advice for startups

[15:50] Where Brett is at in his process of figuring out what’s next for him

Brett’s Inspirations

Dan Kurani

Hari Sundram

Andy Bromberg

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