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Hiten Shah cracks the code to 37 Signals Growth Playbook

In this episode, we have Hiten Shah, founder of multiple successful companies, including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and FYI. He shares the knowledge he has gained from starting the businesses and also how being curious about observing other businesses has helped him along the way.

Hiten explains the power of branding, highlighting three keywords: New, Different and Right. He also mentions the importance of setting the right intention with content as well as producing high-quality content which is in understanding of the market and its people.

He later mentions why identifying immature and mature channels and understanding the difference is key while scaling a business and also gives out the criteria he uses to evaluate channels.

Outline of this Episode

  • Content marketing - Hiten talks about the potential customer journey whether it's decisions around purchase or landscape of the product.
  • WebTraffic - FYI focuses on content that is specifically aligned with the audience.
  • The Audience - Hiten shares his experience on the selection and understanding of your audience.
  • Market research - FYI focuses on understanding the customer experience and sentiment analysis.
  • Channels - Hiten describes managing them and scoring channels.
  • Blog content - Hiten shares the importance of creating the structure and time needed to be put in before seeing results.

Hiten's Inspirations

  • Joel Gascoigne (Buffer)
  • Nathan Barry (Convertkit)
  • Matthew Kobach
  • Eric Yuan (Zoom)
  • Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson (Basecamp, previously 37Signals)

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Episode Outline

[00:45] Geoff’s background

[02:30] How Geoff grew SEO from zero to $300 million at

[04:18] The series of pivots that led to the idea for Huckabuy

[06:38] How to know when you have product/market fit and are ready to expand

[07:55] Mistakes Geoff made in his career that ultimately led to valuable lessons

[11:15] When and how Geoff shifted his focus with Huckabuy to achieve product/market fit

[13:00] What Geoff is prioritizing to scale his business

[15:00] How Geoff relaxes and gets out of his own head

[16:43] Geoff’s inspirations

Geoff’s Inspirations

Patrick Byrne

Warren Buffett

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