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Huckabuy Founder & CEO Geoff Atkinson on how we accomplished exponential growth at Overstock and what he’s up to with Huckabuy

Episode Outline

[00:45] Geoff’s background

[02:30] How Geoff grew SEO from zero to $300 million at

[04:18] The series of pivots that led to the idea for Huckabuy

[06:38] How to know when you have product/market fit and are ready to expand

[07:55] Mistakes Geoff made in his career that ultimately led to valuable lessons

[11:15] When and how Geoff shifted his focus with Huckabuy to achieve product/market fit

[13:00] What Geoff is prioritizing to scale his business

[15:00] How Geoff relaxes and gets out of his own head

[16:43] Geoff’s inspirations

Geoff’s Inspirations

Patrick Byrne

Warren Buffett

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Episode Outline

[01:10] How Backblaze accomplishes 90% inbound

[06:00] The unconventional ways Ahin drove growth at Backblaze

[09:23] The challenges of content marketing

[12:27] Campaigns that did not pan out and what Ahin learned from them

[16:23] The importance of having a unique view of value to share

[19:20] How learning the mechanics of collaborative databases benefited Ahin’s career

[20:35] Why Ahin thinks professional wrestling is America’s most important art form and purest form of storytelling we have

Ahin’s Inspirations

Pat Connolly

Vincent Kennedy Mcmahon

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