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Lars Nilsson, fmr Cloudera Global VP of Sales, on a career full of learnings, mentorship, and gratitude.

Episode Outline

[01:25] The importance of mentorship and how to choose a mentor

[02:57] The second type of mentor

[04:56] Why you need to know how to ask for help and how asking for help will put you ahead

[08:20] Mentorship for underprivileged and underrepresented populations

[10:34] Prospecting and selling are two different skill sets

[14:54] How to use SalesSource

[17:20] Lars’s career, what he has learned, and his priorities now

Lars’ Inspirations

Dennis Lyandres

Sarah Brazier

Tom Reilly

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode Outline

[04:39] Richard’s background

[07:16] Understand that early customers are buying that CEO's passion, that founder's passion

[10:13] Importance of getting a quote from the decision maker of the deployment

[11:18] Realize that your customers aren't fortune companies with big legal team

[12:04] “If you're a one to 10 million and you're going after a new customer, what's the first thing your potential customer is probably going to ask you about?”

[14:34] So everybody wants a discount, know that's going to happen and get your leverage

[16:35] Situation that they have a legal department they're just red lining for the sake of red line, they just know to eliminate everything. They don't really stop and read that.

[17:04] Success depends on how, how strong the marketing leader is in understanding sales.

[19:22] Importance to relearn and unlearn that process. Those who've taken that stronger leadership position accelerate faster.

[20:19] Why it is crucial to redefine product market fit and to re-onboard our entire organization to work from home.

Richard's inspirations:

Blake Hudson

Dickie Walsh

Lori Richardson

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