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This week we dive deep into FinTech SaaS with Logan Allin of FinVC

In this episode, Elias Rubel is joined by Logan Allin. Logan is the Managing General Partner and Founder of Fin VC where he is responsible for management of the firm, sourcing/consummating investments, maintaining board responsibilities, and adding operating value with portfolio companies. Fin VC specializes on Global FinTech, with specific marcro theses and a focus on B2B Enterprise SaaS. Current firm investments: Figure, SoFi, Avinew, Coinsuper, Aiera, Nestio, CRE Simple, Netomi, Onfido, Tradeshift, DailyPay, and Numbrs.

Episode Outline:

[04:39] Logan’s background

[07:16] What it takes to be able to capture value in the bull cycle

[10:13] What Logan looks for in early-stage SaaS companies

[11:18] LTV to CAC

[12:04] Why companies are failing to occupy the white space out there

[14:34] Habits to be great at sales and marketing that can never go wrong

[16:35] How to embrace a more diverse set of perspectives at the decision-making table

[17:04] How to provide business development support and connecting them into customers and distribution channel  

[19:22] Use empirical evidence to decide what, what the best option is moving forward

[23:17] Regulatory frameworks and moving companies on the consumer side, cross border

[26:28] The skills to know what the buying process is on their end

Logan's Inspirations:

Carol Dweck

Marc Benioff

Larry Ellison

Connect with Logan:



The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Podcast outline

[01:35] Aditya’s background

[03:20] What consumers care about more than your product

[05:35] Why companies need to identify the problems prospective customers are trying to solve

[08:45] Why retention is more important than acquisition

[10:48] The biggest lesson Aditya has learned in his career

[12:00] How Aditya builds trust with consumers through “problem marketing”

[13:35] Why building community is important and how Aditya builds community 

[14:24] What it was like for Aditya to go from a SaaS product to biotechnology

[16:31] How Youtube will be leveraged more in a B2B perspective

Aditya’s Inspirations

Tiffany To 

Brian Balfour 

Connect with Aditya



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