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PandaDoc CRO, Nate Gilmore on building teams to support the revenue triangle

Episode Outline

[04:39] Nate’s background

[07:16] How does one focus on team building, service delivery, customer experience?

[10:13] The ability to build a revenue engine that works with the product engine.

[11:18] Understanding marketing and sales channels as your platforms

[12:04] What to look for inside of an eCommerce transaction funnel or inside of a marketplace

[14:34] What could also serve as instrumentation panel for success

[16:35] How to ensure strategic direction is implemented

[17:04] The art of balancing competing priorities

[19:22] Use empirical evidence to decide stages of your opportunity funnel.

[20:19] Moving from discovery of that into something predictable, repeatable, and scalable.

[23:19] Begin the experiment for the best customer experience

Nate's inspirations

Brian Balfour

Barret Foster

Damon Schechter

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode Outline

[04:39] Meagen’s background

[07:16] How leaders gravitate more towards fear to motivate and others gravitate towards love

[10:13] A good frame is the carrot and stick. Meagen is more of a carrot because that's how she responds. If she’s praised or rewarded, she wants more of that. So she works even harder.

[11:18] How COVID changes things. We have to go online. We have to log in. We have to have security. We're remote. We have to collaborate on all these different tools.

[12:04] Having success means assessing people, their process and their technology. Bring in a lot of technology because it gives the data needed and the visibility into what's working and what's not working and what we can do to be more efficient as a marketing organization.

[14:34] How to be effective and efficient and target the audience that you're going after. The future is full of technology.

[16:35] Tips in cutting costs and moving into a recession, we've got to be very careful on what technology becomes critical and not.

[17:04] Realize how many independent pieces of tech do you have in your stack right now,

[19:22] On gifting, you send someone a plant, they set it on their desk naturally. So one, it's hard to throw it away, but also it sits on their desk and they look at it and your brand sits there and others in the company see it, and then people will take pictures and they'll share it.

[20:19] You always have to improve the funnel. You always have to improve your messaging. You always have to, you know, get PR and respond.

Meagen's inspirations

Ben Horowitz

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