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Demand Generation


Chili Piper, Nicolas Vandenberghe on their GTM Strategy and building a durable remote culture

Episode Outline

[00:23] Nicolas’s background

[06:26] Approaching go-to-market with Chili Piper and KosmoTime

[10:42] Missteps and mistakes along the way

[15:12] Being remote before remote was cool, and decision memos

[22:46] The next big thing for Nicolas

[25:46] Mentors and inspiring people

Nicolas’s Inspirations

Steve Jurvetson

Steve Jobs

John Sculley

Nir Eyal

Jeff Bezos

Warren Buffett

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode Outline

[04:39] Mandy’s background

[07:16] Discovering that running a company, it's evident it's an emotional business.

[10:13] Take time to really take a step back and use data as your foundation.

[11:18] While that looks great in a spreadsheet, it doesn't work in real life because until you have a process that's documented and that you can measure, and that is getting consistent results.

[12:04] Think deeply what needs to happen to hit your goal and direction you’re going to, based on what you have so far, make some assumptions on conversion, what type of pipeline you need, how many new opportunities

[14:34] Consider how many demos there, do they need to have a week or how many discovery calls depending on what type of sales cycle they are, how many discovery calls?

[16:35] Where is our product actually fit right now? And how are we going to attack that?

[17:04] Figuring out how to hold people accountable and then the second part was how to implement that correctly with the team

[19:22] The way to break the sales process into the four main categories

[20:19] Why Mandy really loves mentoring people and leading a team in house

Mandy's inspirations

Mark Roberge

Jeremy Liew

Connect with Mandy

Mandy Cole


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