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Olivier L'Abbe, former SVP of Sales at G2 on his sales leadership playbook

In this episode, Olivier L’Abbe of joins us to share his insights. Olivier draws on his experience as the former SVP of Sales at G2 Crowd, Fliptop, Glassdoor and his time in the banking industry. He shares lessons learned on sales, tips to get prospects and customers to engage with you, how to manage oneself effectively, and creating predictability in your business. Olivier's inspirations include Jacco van der Kooji from Winning By Design and Doug Campbell from Fliptop.

Outline of this Episode

[01:39] Early lessons from Olivier L'Abbe’s journey in his career

[04:46] Evaluating the core skills to learn in a job

[07:10] How Olivier is adjusting to working from home

[10:04] On making the transition from the banking industry

[15:34] Tips to get prospects or customers to engage with you

[17:35] How to manage oneself effectively in personal space and work

[21:22] Creating predictability in your business

Olivier's Inspirations

  • Doug Campbell from Fliptop

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Episode Outline

[00:59] Failures that helped shape Brett’s success at Anagram

[03:13] What led to Brett founding Anagram

[06:00] When Brett realized he had product market fit and could begin to scale the business

[07:42] Subsequent steps after realizing they had a product that could sell

[10:10] What Brett would have done differently

[11:55] The importance of building out a referral network and advisory board

[13:50] Brett’s advice for startups

[15:50] Where Brett is at in his process of figuring out what’s next for him

Brett’s Inspirations

Dan Kurani

Hari Sundram

Andy Bromberg

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