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Rich Taylor, VP of Operations and COS at Qualio, on approaching conversations, measuring success, and the fundamentals

Episode Outline

[01:21] Rich’s background

[03:35] Lessons and strategies

[05:34] Approaching conversations and measuring success

[08:54] Grain

[11:44] Testing and hiring

[12:46] Interesting and new things that Rich wants to tinker with

[16:53] Know your fundamentals

[21:21] Rich’s influential people

Rich’s Inspirations

Jeff Wiss

Zack Urlocker

Rich’s brothers

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Episode Outline

[04:39] Jen’s background

[07:16] What is takes to be able to developed and executed inbound lead generation and content marketing strategy

[10:13] The ability to supporting a channel of referral, reseller, co-branded, and white-labeled partners

[11:18] Why great communication leads to great partnership

[12:04] Methods in developing and executing an inbound demand generation strategy, raising brand and market awareness

[14:34] Habits to be great at sales and marketing that can never go wrong

[16:35] How to embrace a more diverse set of perspectives at the decision making table

[17:04] How Jen sees the trends in the future

[19:22] Use empirical evidence to decide what, what the best option is moving forward

[23:17] How to ensure there is right technical architecture, technical infrastructure to support these efforts

[26:28] The skills to know what the buying process is on their end

Jen's inspirations:

Trish Bertuzzi

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