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Unpacking the Psychology of Success with Mike Lindstrom

Podcast Outline

[01:38] Mike’s background

[04:55] The secret sauce that many leaders of Fortune 500 companies don’t know about

[06:20] The one percenter mentality that takes companies to the next level

[08:00] The qualities and mindset of successful leaders

[09:27] Successful leaders understand the 3 elements: Mindset, language, and patterns

[10:35] Marketing leaders vs sales leaders

[11:00] What the most effective leaders across all niches have in common

[11:45] The relationship between mindset and strategy

[15:27] What you have to determine before you can talk strategy

[16:30] The two most important elements leaders should have

Mike’s Inspirations

Tony Robbins

Dan Lier

Chip Merlin

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The Demand Efficiency Podcast



Demand Generation


Episode outline

[01:30] Daniel’s background

[03:39] How Daniel started out at Sendoso and what attracted him to the company

[04:50] How Sendoso adapted their business strategy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

[06:48] The three most effective ways Sendoso engaged their customers during the pandemic

[08:22] How Daniel approaches the challenge of keeping organized and keeping his teams aligned

[10:05] How Sendoso prioritizes ICP accounts

[11:40] How Daniel approaches partnership with the sales team

[12:54] The importance of taking the time to establish the proper framework as an early stage company

[15:22] The difference between Go-to-Market and Marketing

[16:50] Daniel’s favorite creative campaigns and what makes a good campaign

[20:07] What Daniel does outside of work to have fun

[22:00] Daniel’s mentors and inspirations

Daniel’s Inspirations

Gwen Bailey-Harbour

Curtis O’Keefe

Steve Rio

Maria Pergolino

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