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Allocations is the fastest growing private markets platform that helps organizations close more deals. Founded in 2019, Allocations has developed a reputation for  building a private equity & venture capital economy that is open to all. They raised $7 million from over 2,000 investors in August 2021, including Irish Angels, Vitalize VC, LFG Ventures and Browder Capital. To date Allocations has powered over 300 private funds, totaling approximately $250 million in volume.


Allocations was experiencing challenges with extremely poor data hygiene and no inbound marketing efforts at play to generate leads. With Google Analytics implemented and Airtable set up as an acting CRM, their data was incomplete and they lacked a single source of truth, creating difficulty in measuring the impact of inbound and outbound marketing efforts.

Matter Made was brought in to pilot Allocations’ marketing functions through implementing foundational marketing infrastructure, deploying new user acquisition and retention programs and building a content strategy.


After conducting in-depth discovery, Matter Made dove in head first to migrate CRM’s from Airtable to Hubspot, then set up tracking infrastructure and marketing automation to efficiently support growth. This included a Chili Piper integration in order to build a sales contact scheduler in Hubspot.

The team then developed a full-funnel media plan to achieve Allocations’ 2022 revenue goals. The Matter Made team piloted Google search campaigns and expanded the media mix to include Bing and LinkedIn ad campaigns. This included developing custom landing pages to cater to different audiences, such as Brands, Competitors, Funds and SPV’s, with full alignment in messaging and keyword targeting.

Matter Made wrapped the engagement by collaborating with the team at Allocations to develop new sales collateral, including but not limited to: investor decks, one-sheets, client kids, newsletters, and new brand icons.



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