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HotelEngine is the world’s largest Lodging Performance Network that connects businesses of all sizes with lodging partners, driving savings with emphasis on service and variety of choice. Founded in 2015, HotelEngine has generated $81m in funding and more than doubled in size since its engagement with Matter Made began.


HTE had a huge opportunity to increase the volume of their marketing-generated opportunities by scaling paid acquisition budget and channel mix, testing messaging and audiences, and increasing activation rates. Matter Made was able to aggressively and sustainably scale their marketing budgets by 3x while maintaining cost efficiencies across existing and new channels.


The initiatives MM drove with the HTE team included a complete paid search audit and executing optimizations for increased performance down funnel. The second phase was to sustainably increase paid budget and diversify channels.

Matter Made introduced video creative, creating their first video assets. Matter Made built and launched new landing pages specifically for performance marketing. They also introduced new static creative for testing creative native to the new channels they were exploring.



efficiency increase in SQO acquisition through campaign optimizations



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