Productboard is a product management system that helps organizations get the right products to market faster By helping product teams understand what customers need, prioritize what to build next, and align everyone around the roadmap. With the mission of helping companies around the world build truly excellent products, they have grown to over 500 employees and service over 6,000 customers. Founded in 2014, Productboard has raised over $260 million in Series D funding.


Productboard wanted to reach Enterprise decision-makers for deeper consideration of their product. The goal was to gain high-intent opportunities, and generate an uplift in its Enterprise pipeline.

Matter Made built an end-to-end integrated campaign through custom content, nurture sequencing and UX to drive lead acquisition for Enterprise users. This was the cusp of Productboard’s unicorn status.


After conducting in-depth discovery, Matter Made developed a three-phase plan to accomplish Productboard’s mission of generating more revenue from enterprise accounts. Using already proven testing frameworks, Matter Made developed a message testing matrix across SMB, mid-market and enterprise segments to understand which sentiment resonated with each segment and persona in order to drive efficiency across campaigns. The team also spearheaded a Metadata implementation in order to scale campaign experimentan and support Account Based Marketing (ABM) initiatives.

After creating promotional video and corresponding email drips for the  “Sprint Break” promotion, the team produced an integrated campaign for Productboard’s enterprise prospects to increase the pipeline by leveraging a customer-centric value proposition of Productboard’s roadmaps feature to drive net-new, high-intent leads. This included launching seven campaigns across four channels, developing two new pieces of content and a corresponding landing page, 30+ new ads in-market and a novel email cadence launched within Outreach.

Finally, the team at Matter Made supported community growth by conducting the “Product Makers” online event and setting up incentive programs for Productboard customers, post-promotion video editing, and explored media partnerships such as publisher-direct and affiliate programming in order to continue to drive incremental revenue.



MoM ENT leads through five-point omnichannel integrated campaign

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