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Dropbox is a smart workspace company based in San Francisco, California, that provides secure file sharing, collaboration, and storage solutions to help organizations simplify their workflows and design a more enlightened way of working. Dropbox helps teams in human resources, marketing, sales, IT and operations stay organized, stay focused, and get in sync with their colleagues. Founded in 2007 by MIT students Drew Houstan and Arash Ferdowsi with initial funding from seed accelerator Y Combinator, Dropbox has raised over $1.7 billion in funding and went public in March 2018.


Dropbox came to Matter Made with the challenge of taking a new product to market. With concerns over scale, their team needed help launching a new product line and accelerating the demand for Dropbox Passwords. During a COVID world, their main challenge was tapping into the massive customer base supported by their brand and launching this new product line.Their team was facing challenges relating to acquisition and conversion stemming from a lacking sustained belief and investment in modern top-of-funnel (ToFu) marketing. This lack of investment in acquisition marketing as compared to its industry peers led to under-performing demand generation programs as a whole. The product differentiation and competitive landscape which was once supported by organic viral growth had wholly changed and their growth mechanisms failed.


Matter Made pivoted away from Dropbox’s purely viral organic growth strategy and developed Go-To-Market (GTM) playbooks for new product lines after evaluating current ToFu performance with the goal of finding opportunities for incremental revenue growth. Through an ongoing engagement, Matter Made led multiple cross-functional initiatives within the business. The engagement began with the Matter Made team building out messaging matrix frameworks, conducting tests throughout the funnel to find the most efficient conversion paths for net new users and cross-selling across their suite of products.



Increase in target conversions
Matter Made quickly assessed our weak points and implemented multiple, fresh and actionable marketing strategies to impact revenue.
Timothy Young

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