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Lokalise is a translation management system built for agile teams who want to automate their localization process. The product is
 a cloud-based software that streamlines the translation and localization process and collaboration among developers, designers, translators, and project managers, also serving as a single source of truth for copy and translations. Founded in 2017, Lokalise has 2,000 customers from over 80 countries ranging from startups to Fortune500 companies and has raised $56 million in Series B funding.


Lokalise was experiencing inefficiencies with their overall demand generation and paid media efforts when they first came to Matter Made. Wanting to making a splash by bringing a new product (Lokalise Messages) to market, the team at Lokalise needed an experienced team of experts to build a GTM strategy to build avenues of education and adoption for a product with a traditionally long sales cycle. The goal was to make Lokalise the category leader in translation and localization software, create deal pipeline with Lokalise Messages, and capture a greater share of
the U.S. market.


Knowing that foundational marketing and demand generation programs needed to be implemented in order to drive long-term sustainable growth, Matter Made addressed both short-term and long-term initiatives with marketing efficiency in mind. After discovering that tracking and reporting was incomplete and blockers existed that prevented association between lead data and revenue sourcing, the team developed a fully transparent and future-proofed data and attribution model for Lokalise’s revenue funnel.

The team followed up this activity by auditing and soon after scaling paid media campaigns for key ICP’s and developing a full-funnel media mix that included optimizations for messaging and the overall user experience (UX). After optimizing for stronger efficiencies on paid channels, email nurtures were created and implemented for onboarding and upselling to retain and grow users.

To wrap up the engagement, the Matter Made team supported a U.S.-based webinar series for each key ICP to further expand Lokalise messages and build more awareness for the brand.





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