G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted tech marketplace where people can discover, review, and manage the software they need to reach their potential. More than 60 million people each year visit to read and write authentic reviews about more than 100,000 software products and professional services. Founded in 2012, G2 has raised over $250 million in Series D funding.


When G2 took their Series D in 2021, Matter Made was brought in to own Marketing Operations and Paid Media in order to develop and launch an enterprise marketing strategy until strategic hires could be made to carry out the mission. The team at G2 identified prospects who got lost in sales routing and even reached out to the CMO to schedule meetings as a result. Combined with the issue of not having visibility into historical channel reporting on campaign performance or full-funnel marketing attribution or reporting, Matter Made was tasked with improving speed-to-lead, building custom conversions on site and in-product, optimizing paid media campaigns for stronger efficiency and pipeline opportunities, and overall keeping the lights on for the back end of G2’s tech stack.


Matter Made commenced the engagement by auditing G2’s paid channels to identify specific optimizations to drive marketing efficiency. After a thorough review of G2’s paid media channels and CRM, the team saw the opportunity to bid on high-intent search terms as well as branded terms in an attempt to create more enterprise acquisition opportunities. LinkedIn ad campaigns were then launched shortly after to create additional targeted efforts towards an enterprise audience segment. Using G2’s Buyer Intent Playbook as a free download to drive warm Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) via LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, the team was able to accelerate the number of qualified opportunities for G2.

After updating all paid conversions so that the paid media budget was spent more efficiently and optimal for tracking, valuating, distributing and generating new opportunities, a custom Slack channel was built and implemented to alert sales to enterprise leads as they entered the funnel and displayed intent.

The Matter Made team saw an opportunity to nurture G2’s new opportunities in the pipeline and developed the content and cadence for email nurture campaigns, targeting freemium users and driving upgrades to paid accounts.

Teams in marketing, sales, and product had their initiatives supported until an internal stakeholder could be put in place - and the knowledge Matter Made gained was used to get the new Director of Marketing Operations up to speed in record time.




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