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Grain allows distributed teams to record, organize, transcribe and clip videos and important moments to share with their peers. The platform transforms video meetings into an organization’s most valuable asset by creating one centralized and searchable video meeting workspace for teams to always stay in sync. Founded in 2018, Grain has generated over $20 million in Series A funding.


Grain came to Matter Made with the goal of driving marketing efficiency while accelerating growth after experiencing issues growing seats in existing workspaces and building sales pipeline from a new pricing model. With a goal of driving over $2m in ARR for FY 2022, they needed support in building a PLG adoption model for existing and prospective customers and upselling freemium users into paying customers.


After auditing Grain’s email automation and paid search efforts, the team at Matter Made commenced the engagement by migrating to Hubspot CRM, developing unique triggers for signup paths and optimizing and expanding keyword targeting to drive efficiency and volume.  

The team expanded on its efforts by launching six new campaigns, including but not limited to: branded, non-branded and competitor campaigns via Google and Microsoft ads to drive brand awareness and generate demand, then activated display remarketing campaigns to capture and convert demand. Campaigns were deployed on a limited schedule and used business hours dayparting in order to optimize the campaigns for stronger conversion rates and cost per lead. LinkedIn was used to drive top of funnel (ToFu) thought leadership content, leveraging blog content behind gated landing pages, and retargeting site visitors to convert additional users.

Finally, a product education nurture was developed to show new users how to best use Grain. The content in the nurture included a “How it Works” video, developer notes with best practices, tips and tricks,  and additional “How-to” content. Additional signup nurtures and churn reactivation workflows were implemented to add multiple engagement touchpoints throughout email nurtures to get users to subscribe to blog and product update newsletters in order to capture demand and increase conversion rates.



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