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Preset is a software-as-a-service company that offers a cloud-based open analytics data platform and acts as a modern business intelligence solution by providing powerful, easy to use data exploration and visualization. Founded in 2018, Preset has raised over $48 million in Series B funding by continually empowering teams and organizations of all skill sets to be data-driven, unlocking valuable insights with beautiful and interactive visualizations and dashboards.


Preset came to Matter Made with the goal of increasing the quantity of marketing-generated leads by scaling paid acquisition, messaging, and customer journey activations. The goal of the engagement was to build and implement a new funnel with higher conversion rates to help drive over $4 million in ARR by the end of 2022.

They had leveraged light paid advertising to drive Preset free trials or net-new leads, but had not yet found traction. There was minimal visibility into top-of-funnel campaign tracking and how leads converted in the customer journey. The new messaging and positioning strategy had not yet been tested in the market. There were light email nurture and drip campaigns built to help people through the buyer journey and they relied heavily on Superset content, not created specifically for each stage of the Preset funnel. Lastly, lead scoring was in its early stages and needed to be updated to mirror ICP and intent.


Matter Made commenced the engagement by tackling the lowest-hanging fruit to drive revenue.

After integrating and automating upsell nurtures and in-app functionality to convert leads into paying customers, the team created SDR outreach triggers based on product signals and standardizing setup within HubSpot, removing extra properties, workflows, and lists to drive stronger efficiency.

Finally, the team tackled mobile optimizations for paid media and diversified the marketing mix by launching retargeting, professional trial, display and paid social campaigns to drive new user acquisition.

The Product-Led Growth (PLG) funnel that Matter Made built proved to be a powerful mechanism for self-service product engagement, with even more potential for future revenue impact for Preset. With four focuses of demand gen (create, capture, accelerate, and grow) Matter Made significantly advanced Preset’s capture and acceleration, laying the foundation for the organization to multiply revenue by investing more robustly in all four pillars.



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