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Moogsoft is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that provides continuous improvement by automating the incident management workflow. Founded in 2012, Moogsoft has grown exponentially with more than 140 customers worldwide and established strategic partnerships with leading managed service providers and outsourcing organizations. The AI-driven observability leader provides intelligent monitoring solutions for smart DevOps and has raised over $92 million in Series D funding.


Moogsoft faced challenges with customer engagement while being presented with large-scale growth. Their team tapped into Matter Made’s collective of cultured, creative and curious marketers and operators, who stepped in to help Moogsoft build and optimize content for the buyer journey, refine and scale top-of-funnel acquisition by channel and persona, and establish a long-term community and influencer strategy.


After conducting in-depth discovery by analyzing website traffic and auditing paid media channels, Matter Made collaborated with the team at Moogsoft to develop thoughtful solutions to its challenges.

Matter Made launched and optimized a full-funnel digital marketing campaign and influencer campaign to build brand awareness and diversify Moofsoft’s marketing mix to target new prospects and drive quality leads.

By deploying and refining new and existing email campaigns, Matter Made optimized content for the buyer’s journey in order to develop the infrastructure for a successful referral program. This led to Moogsoft seeing a quick return on investment (ROI) on their campaigns.

Matter Made then implemented support for
a virtual event by refreshing all paid media ads, implementing new keyword targets and refreshing campaign messaging and positioning to align with the launch of the new campaign.  

After updating all paid conversions so that the paid media budget was spent more efficiently and optimal for tracking, valuating, distributing and generating new opportunities, a custom Slack channel was built and implemented to alert sales to enterprise leads as they entered the funnel and displayed intent.

The Matter Made team saw an opportunity to nurture G2’s new opportunities in the pipeline and developed the content and cadence for email nurture campaigns, targeting freemium users and driving upgrades to paid accounts.

Teams in marketing, sales, and product had their initiatives supported until an internal stakeholder could be put in place - and the knowledge Matter Made gained was used to get the new Director of Marketing Operations up to speed in record time.



Capterra conversions


Lead volume


Confirmed collaborations with influencers
Thanks so much for everything, for all the work, for all the partnership - it’s been incredibly helpful as this team was built from two to what we are now
Minami Rojas
VP of Growth and Marketing

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