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How Alta Motors reduced their average cost per MQL by 35x with Matter Made.


Cost Per Lead Reduction


The Nitty Gritty

Matter Made kicked things off by auditing the teams existing acquisition efforts and providing a growth plan for the year. We then coached their giant, one person digital acquisition team through a sequence of rigorous hypothesis and sentiment driven multivariate tests to help drive down acquisition costs, and drive up funnel conversions. In tandem with this effort, we coached their newly formed e-commerce division through the launch of their OEM offering. After successfully driving their CPL down by 35x we handed the reigns over to their new head of marketing to help drive their next phase of growth.

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Client Summary

Alta Motors designs and manufactures the most advanced electric vehicle technology on the planet. Matter Made was brought in by the Chief Revenue Officer to coach their digital marketing team and help stand up their e-commerce division.

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